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Unit PLTF. HT Work HT. WxLxH Platform Capacity Weight Power
Z30/20 30' 36' 70"x15'9"x6'7" 30"x48" 500lbs 8,820lbs ELEC
Z30/20N 30' 36' 3'11"x16'8"x6'7" 30"x46" 500lbs 14,500lbs ELEC
Z34/22N 34' 40' 58"x18'7"x6'7" 30"x48" 500lbs 11,500lbs ELEC
Z45/22E 45' 51' 5'11"x17'8"x6'6" 30"x72" 500lbs 13,610lbs ELEC
Z45/22RT 45' 51' 5'9"x17'8"x6'6" 30"x48" 500lbs 13,860lbs G/LP
Z45/22XT 45' 51' 6'5"x17'11"x7'4" 30"x72" 500lbs 14,410lbs G/LP
Z45/25E 45' 51' 5'9"x22'3"x6'7" 30"x72" 500lbs 15,800lbs ELEC
Z45/25XT 45' 51' 7'4"x22'3"x6'10" 30"x72" 500lbs 14,410lbs G/LP
AMZ66 60' 66' 83"x25'11"x8'6" 36"x60" 500lbs 22,700lbs G/LP
ATB60 60' 66' 7'11.5"x29'x8'3" 30"x60" 500lbs 27,300lbs G/LP
Z60/34 60' 66' 8'8"x26'9"x8'4" 6' or 8' 500lbs 22,655lbs G/LP
AMZ86 80' 86' 96"x36'6"x9'8" 36"x72" 500lbs 42,300lbs G/LP

Specifications are approximate, refer to serial nameplate on machine for more       information.

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