Scissor Lifts

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Unit Pltf. Ht. Work Ht. WxLxH Platform Capacity Weight Power
SJ3219 19' 25' 32"x68"x39" 26"x59" 500lbs 2,790lbs Elec
SJ3220 20' 26' 32"x89"x79.5" 28"x80" 800lbs 3,739lbs Elec
SJ3226 26' 32' 32"x91.5"x70.6" 28"x84" 500lbs 4,820lbs Elec
SJ4626 26' 32' 46"x89"x90" 42"x80" 850lbs 4,700lbs Elec
SJ4830 30' 36' 48"x89"x94.5" 42"x80" 700lbs 5,580lbs Elec
SJ4832 32' 38' 48"x89"x92.5" 42"x81" 700lbs 5,610lbs Elec
SJ6832 32' 38' 68"x99"x99.5" 57"x84" 1,000lbs 5,480lbs Elec
SJ7027 27' 33' 70"x119"x109" 65"x112.5" 1,500lbs 8,050lbs G/LP
SJ8831 31' 37' 88"x138"x121" 68"x134" 2,000lbs 10,500lbs G/LP
SJ8841 41' 47' 88"x138"x121" 68"x134" 1,500lbs 11,490lbs G/LP
Specifications are approximate, refer to serial nameplate on machine for more       information.
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